Daniel Menheer is a husband, father, friend and photographer. Never sure of where his path in life was leading him vocationally, Daniel struggled for many years as to his purpose and direction. It was a trip through the Canadian Rockies that set in motion the direction that he was to follow.


Years later, Daniel found himself enrolled for an evening course at PrairieView School of Photography. With a little direction and guidance, Daniel’s images improved quickly. After a few more workshops (and a few gentle nudges from the instructors), he found himself starting the Diploma Program – he had finally found his calling.



After school Daniel dedicated much of his free time to photographing the natural world he lives in, and it has solidified his desire to follow this genre of photography.


Daniel is enjoying life with his two wonderful children as a stay-at-home dad. It is a most rewarding challenge, and he feels privileged to have had the opportunity to spend time with them before they grew and started school. Presently, he is mentoring with Cory Aronec at Cory Aronec Photography in Winnipeg and is a large part of Cory's production and assisting crew. He also spends time each year teaching photography to new and upcoming artists who have found their desire as he did years ago.